Use Curricular Warrants to Show You Understand a Course's Principles

LRS in the Wild<

In college classes, students often want to know what their professors expect. These students know that meeting these expectations is the key to success in the classroom. Some of those expectations are easy to gauge, while others can be more difficult.

Watch the following clip from College Humor’s web series Very Mary-Kate, a parody of the life of Mary-Kate Olsen. What’s wrong with the arguments Mary-Kate makes in her history paper? What expectations has she misunderstood? What does this mean for the way her professor perceives her?

"Gold Rush." Very Mary-Kate. < Carroll, Elaine. "Gold Rush." Very Mary-Kate. College Humor. 2011. Web. 27 August 2012.< Used with the permission of Elaine Carroll.

To convince your professors to take your arguments seriously, you’ll need to show that you understand the principles that underlie the course content. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to communicate your understanding of those principles, and how to expand or challenge them.