State the Consequences of a Conceptual Problem by Answering “So What?”

LRS in the Wild<

If you don’t understand why something is a problem, you are less likely to take notice of it. These guys at the Atheist Experience feel strongly that belief in God is a big problem, and not just when that belief causes people to act in ways that directly harm others. Watch their response to a caller who asks why such a seemingly harmless belief strikes atheists as a big problem for society.

Segment of The Atheist Experience #634 of December 6, 2009, with Matt Dillahunty and Jeff Dee. Atheist Community of Austin (ACA). <

Widespread belief in God, according to certain atheists, can be dangerous for society. They say that accepting a “comforting delusion” in one area can easily lead a person to be irrational in other areas, and that this irrationality is ultimately detrimental. Here, the show host answers the caller’s “so what?” question, explaining why individual belief in God is a problem< for society. Does this explanation cause you to think differently about the “problem” of believing in God?