Choose a Parallel or Sequential Order for Your Reasons

LRS in the Wild<

See the Principle in Real Life<

In the following comic strip, Lemont wants to know why the attorney (in glasses) hasn’t summoned his ex-girlfriend, Roxanne, to testify in court. The attorney gives three reasons. Do they all seem to be equally good excuses? Does their order make any difference?

Lemont’s right. The attorney’s first two excuses seem weak. Just because it was hard to get a subpoena doesn’t mean he couldn’t have done it, in spite of the holiday and the storm. But those excuses seem even weaker in light of the third one: If process servers (people licensed to deliver court documents) keep disappearing when they try to deliver Roxanne’s subpoena, then the attorney has a pretty good reason to stay away. If the attorney had “led with that last one,” he probably wouldn’t even have needed to mention the other two reasons<.